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Michelle & Craig

We had met a couple of photographers prior to meeting with Carn. What we found was that we just didn't get that 'He's the one' feeling from anyone. We didn't know it at the time but we eventually found out that personality was just as important to us as the style and quality of photos. Carn was most definitely the best choice! After initially meeting him we knew he would be perfect! He was easy to talk to and nothing was a problem. Carn was like one of the guests. He was great with everyone and fitted into the day seamlessly! He made people feel so much more comfortable than we've ever seen anyone else do. You could see clearly that's how he achieves his brilliant photos. Carn always gives great direction so you never feel uncomfortable during the photos. He's also very patient yet efficient. As I said, Nothing is a problem to Carn. We found this especially during family photos when we changed the initial arrangement plans to include some extra family members. We would certainly recommend Carn to anyone! In fact, his hard work didn’t go unnoticed at the wedding, we’ve had many guests asking for his details. Our only regret on the day was not getting a photo with Carn, he was like one of our guests!

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Emily & Luke

When my sister in law got married in St Lucia she didn’t get many photos and the ones she did get were not what she was hoping for. I was worried that was going to happen to us if we got a local photographer in Marbella. We always felt photos meant the most to us and it was the most important thing on our list. Choosing Carn was the best choice we ever made! He explained exactly what would happen from him arriving in Marbella right up until the wedding and after party. We knew exactly what we were doing all the way through and he also helped tons with timescales of everything. We didn't realise just how many pitfalls we were about to fall into but Carn totally saved us! He made all of our guests feel at ease as I know some people were worried from past experiences that photographers can be a bit controlling and ruin the fun for everyone but with Carn this wasn’t the case at all! He literally photographed our whole holiday and captured everything for us, more than we could have ever imagined. He didn’t just capture our wedding, it was the whole holiday with our best friends and family. He fit right in as though he was a guest himself. We received over 1400 photos and couldn’t believe it. Every single one of them was beautiful and unique! We had photos from around the pool with our friends and family, a pre-shoot just with us 2. Photos of both of us getting ready, the whole wedding and also the after party back at the villa. We also got our photos back within 3 weeks of our wedding! Some people told me I would be waiting months for them so I think everyone was so shocked when we received them that quick. Absolutely amazing service! I'd 100% recommend Carn to anyone getting married!! Although we got hitched abroad (and many people couldn’t believe we paid to fly Carn out) the service we received was second to none and I honestly believe we wouldn’t have got anything close to that from a photographer out in Marbella. We were in constant contact from the day we booked until the day he arrived and as soon as he landed he came straight over to the villa to introduce himself. He was honestly like a friend attending the wedding rather than a photographer. We just can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for us Carn!!

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Kayleigh & Richard

We were after a certain style of photography (light & delicate) but were wary of high price points, having discussed wedding photography with colleagues that had recently been married. We knew we wanted to find a photographer that would be able to produce images we would want to look at for years to come. Although wary of high price points we were also agreed that we wanted to find a photographer of suitable professionalism that would be able to capture the day well, and did not want to compromise on this. Carn was a perfect choice for us because not only did we find the exact style of photography we had been looking for, but Carn's personality helped coordinate guests on the day to capture some truly wonderful moments. This was an unexpected contribution on his part, which we were both really grateful for! He works efficiently and makes what might have felt like a long drawn-out, awkward situation with another photographer feel totally natural. Carn was incredibly personable and got on so well with everyone in our wedding party. Aside from his obvious photography skills, he was such a positive presence on the day. We especially loved the quick turnaround time for our photos and previews! We didn't have long to wait at all and loved seeing updates via his social media. Carn also made the effort - despite not living in the area - of visiting the venue beforehand as he had never worked there before. This meant that the run of the day was super smooth as he knew what he could achieve for us well in advance. We'd recommend Carn to anyone that is planning a wedding! We have had so many comments on our photographer from family and friends praising his approach and style. This is not something we have really come across before at other weddings we have been too. Carn will also be photographing one of our friend's weddings in August 2019 - this decision was based on their experience of Carn at our wedding and seeing a blog post via social media of our day, which led to them viewing more of Carn's work. This makes us happy as he was so easy to work with and his output is quality. Carn we just wanted to say a huge thank you for everything you did on the day! We had an idea of what we expected from you but you surpassed this in every way. We absolutely love our photos and plan on ordering a wedding album in the coming months to show them off.


Sarah & Mark

Because we really didn't know what we were doing, we had quite a few worries about choosing our photographer. Our main concerns were that because neither of us particularly enjoy having pictures taken, choosing the wrong photographer might make us feel uncomfortable on the day. We were also worried that we could easily pick someone who could make us feel really relaxed but wouldn’t actually take any good photos! Carn was an amazing choice! He really invested his time before the wedding in making sure we were feeling good about our wedding day: everything from chatting about weddings in general (he had some great tips!) to giving quite specific support and advice about makeup choices. He took the time to understand our family dynamics and in turn took some absolutely tremendous photos on the day. It's difficult to pick out a single thing he did best but we'd probably say we enjoyed the time he spent with us as a couple. We LOVE the pictures he captured of just the two of us. He clearly really enjoys taking these pictures and made us both feel really special. He made sure to whisk us away at appropriate points in the day but was also really good at making sure we didn't spend too much time away from our guests. It was all beautifully done. Carn works really hard but it feels like he's another friend at your wedding. Carn is smart, funny and kind which means he gets the job done perfectly. He is a hit with the lads and great with your relatives too. Carn has got this superpower of capturing the same shot from different angles at the same time - we literally don't know how he did it!! He seems to have been everywhere at all times! We have already recommended Carn to our friends getting married in Ibiza. We couldn’t imagine having a better person taking our photos at the wedding. So many people have commented on how great he was on the day and those who have seen the photographs have all commented on how much they love every single one of them! Carn we just wanted to say a massive thank you to you… It makes us smile to know that it was you who captured all those moments at the very start of our married life. Thank you! x

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Victoria & Domonic

We had two main problems when looking for our wedding photographer. 1. Finding a photographer who could capture the whole day as naturally as possible. 2. We needed to find someone with a great personality and not just a great photographer! After all, we would be spending a good part of the most important day of our lives with the person we chose! As soon as we found Carn's website, we knew he would create the natural, light style of photographs that we love and this was confirmed when we had our engagement shoot as we were absolutely over the moon with our photographs. We found Carn so easy to be around and he helped us relax and actually enjoy the photoshoot. On the wedding day itself, Carn made everyone feel comfortable and really added to our day. Carn allowed us to enjoy the wedding and not stress too much about the photographs. Rather than have the reception focus around the photographs, which I've seen happen at lots of weddings, Carn instead found natural moments throughout the day to take a few moments to get some shots. It meant that when we got our photos back, it felt like a true reflection of the day and not manufactured in any way. It also meant we had plenty of time to just enjoy ourselves and mingle with our guests! Carn not only looked after us as a couple but also made sure our family and friends were comfortable too. We had so many comments about what a nice guy he was and I think that is how he gets so many natural, happy shots of people! Carn did a great job of helping coordinate things like the confetti throw and cutting the cake, which would have been impossible without him! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Carn to anyone getting married. He's such a genuinely nice guy and really helped to make our day special. Carn helped us make great memories on the day and captured them all at the same time! He's given us beautiful photographs so we can remember that day forever! I would just like to add a huge thank you, Carn, for being so wonderful, both on the day itself and leading up to it!


Rachel & Andrew

I was terrified about having my photo taken!!! It’s never something that I’ve done or enjoyed and I kept looking at wedding pictures wondering how so many people looked so amazing in their photosl!! I wanted a photographer that could help me look and feel my best without having to do awkward poses. What I got with Carn was an amazing photographer who felt like a friend who we’ve known years taking our pictures! I guess personality was definitely key but I really had no idea how important it would be until I was so blown away by Carn and his best mate attitude towards us and every guest!!! We had no idea what to expect price wise and honestly he was the first and last photographer we looked at, looking back it seems like we got the best deal in the world!! Our photos are priceless and Carn was an amazing choice! Before we even met up with him it was obvious he was a lovely person. Even over messages and email, he seemed so interested in us as a couple more than treating us as customers. We really didn't expect that sort of service but it was 100% genuine and we were just so thrilled we found him. We already knew we wanted him before he walked through the door at our first meeting. What a brilliant guy he is! He has to be the most personable person I’ve ever met! We got on with him so well and our guests could see the chemistry as well we got asked several times how we knew him and how long we had known him, and when we said it was through booking him as a photographer our friends and family couldn’t believe it!!! Carn made us feel so comfortable and confident but most importantly he made us laugh, so the photos were everything I could have dreamed off. We looked so natural and happy in all of them and that was because we were! Along with that and equally was how totally organised he was, there are so many little things he did that helped the day tick along nicely, even setting a time to have the dress on was a godsend cos I would have shot it on 2 minutes before getting in the car!! Simple things like noticing how hot I was and opening doors and windows during through the meal. He had everything timed so perfectly and was so so helpful through the day he was not only a photographer but took on the role of chief bridesmaid very well! His natural charm made everyone comfortable, the photos with the bridesmaids are amazing and we all left feeling like we’d get picked up by a modelling agency or end up as Beyoncé any minute now!!! All of the guests loved him, he was also brilliant at capturing people off guard, there are so many pictures particularly of Daniel my brother where his entire personality is written all over the picture! He made people like my Dad who is the most awkward person ever smile and I mean like a proper smile, and I’ve never managed that in 27 years never mind half a day! Another thing that shocked us was his ability to make anywhere look like a beautiful manor garden!!! I was apprehensive before that we wouldn’t have any nice scenic photos to look back on, but then we went to the park! Hopped in the car and 2 minutes down the road where we’ve walked our dog before it felt like a fairytale! When we shared the photos with our friends they all asked where we got married and they couldn’t believe it when we told them!! So in every way, he made our wedding day an absolute dream! I think it goes without saying I would recommend Carn. If you want a new best friend who you are crazy about to take your photos then he’s your man!!! Definitely, have the pre-shoot!!!!! It just gives you an idea of what to expect (and because you get to know Carn better it just makes you even more excited for the day) Plus it saves you a lot of time on the day learning how to look relaxed in front of the camera! We didn’t have our dog at the wedding and but because of the pre-shoot, we’ve still got the most beautiful photos with him in them thanks to Carn!

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Jessica & David

With us flying to Greece for our wedding my biggest concern that the photographer wouldn't "get us" as a couple. We had a photographer that was included with our wedding package but his work was just not our style at all. It was beginning to be a massive problem for us as I didn't want to be made to do awkward posing and end up looking just like everyone else's photos! I really wanted something different. What I wanted was totally natural pictures of both us as a couple and our guests. I wanted the photos to reflect our day in exactly the way that we planned it but what I was asking was just not getting across to my wedding planner. I was so worried I just tried to forget about it for a while.
We were at our friend's wedding when we first met Carn. What struck us was that he spent so much time on the day having a laugh with the couple and all of the guests. He blended in and you sort of forgot he was a photographer. Then we saw our friends album and how amazing and natural their pictures were we instantly knew we had to book him for our wedding.

What we were most happy with was that Carn came to meet us a few times before the wedding. He naturally chatted to us about how we met each other, what we do for fun, what the proposal was like, what our family/friends are like etc so he could get a genuine feel for what we were like as a couple. By the time the wedding came around, we knew him that well he just felt like one of our friends. We are quite an awkward pair but we were instantly comfortable with him from the start and we think that really helped to get the photographs we always wanted.

We loved Carn's the modern approach to sending over the photos, none of this "we'll send a CD/USB in the post". Everything is done through an online gallery with your own link and password. It's like having a beautiful website for all of your wedding photos! We were able to share our amazing photos with all of our guests straight away with a simple web link and password. Carn was extremely helpful and approachable towards the wedding, any concerns I had about the wedding he was there to help, even things that had absolutely nothing to do with photography. He was there every step of the way to put us at ease. We've recommended Carn to everyone! And it's not just us passing on his name, our guests have been recommending him too as they were equally as impressed with him on our wedding day. he blended in with all of the guests, had a laugh with everyone and genuinely enjoyed himself! You don't want a photographer who sees your special day as "another day in the office" and Carn certainly isn't like that! I could go on forever about how happy we are with the decision to book Carn. We will always say he was the best money we spent on our wedding & we have the pictures to prove it!


Katie & James

When we were choosing a photographer we wanted someone who we could rely on to make our day special and take the perfect snaps of everything that happened. We both prefer natural shots to the rigid staged photographs we've seen our friends get at other weddings. So we really hoped we would find the right photographer who would understand that but also get the balance right as we still wanted some of the more typical type wedding photos with our family. We are so happy with our decision on choosing carn to capture our wedding day. He really spent time getting to know us before our day and that made the whole experience a lot less nerve-wracking for us. It was like we had known Carn for years by the time the wedding came around which made it a lot more comfortable on the day. He really made a massive effort with our families and the fact helped us to pre-plan photos with the family beforehand makes everything so effortless on the day. Our day ran so Smooth and it was all thanks to Carn! He literally takes the best photographs I've ever seen and can literally make any location look amazing! We had our wedding at a parish hall and didn’t really have anywhere to get private photographs but Carn is a great problem solver. We hopped in his car and he took us to this amazing spot that we would never have even noticed ourselves! It was literally a few minutes away but it looked like something from a movie! We had so many comments about where the photos where taken people couldn't believe how he could capture such brilliant photographs in common areas.

Another thing we loved was how prompt Carn was at answering any queries we had and always replies within a few hours. He is generally interested in your big day and makes sure everything is exactly how you want it to be. He pays so much attention to detail, I really appreciated the fact he took photographs that I may have forgotten to ask for. He captured all of our little details and decorations. He even captured important family members etc without ever asking. He just knows his stuff! We recommended him to everyone we know getting married and he's doing a few of our friend's weddings next year! We just think that Carn is amazing at what he does and we were over the moon with everything from the beginning to end! From the very first time I spoke to Carn, he has been super professional and organized, our wedding album is just everything we could have hoped for and more! Top class photographer !!

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Jenny & Tom

We had no idea where to start when looking for a photographer! We’d asked every married couple we knew but never got any further forward. We really didn’t know what was the right amount to spend or what kind of service we needed. Carn was an excellent choice for us! All of our doubts evaporated quickly, as Carn was very supportive and talked us through everything. He’s a really nice guy and his photographs speak for themselves! We loved our Pre-wedding shoot! At the time of booking, Tom didn’t really think it was necessary, but once we’d done it I felt so much more relaxed. The shoot really helped us get to know Carn and understand his style of photography so much better. It made a huge difference to how we felt leading up to the wedding and we were so comfortable around the camera when the big day came around! Carn’s style of shooting meant not just us but everyone was really relaxed, and more importantly, no one felt like they were being bossed about or put in fake/uncomfortable poses as we’d seen at other weddings. Our photos look really natural. My gran, mum and the bridesmaids absolutely loved him! From the very beginning, Carn’s communication was brilliant! We met up a few times pre and post-wedding and chatted over the phone and via Skype. It meant he got to know us really well so he didn’t feel like a stranger at the wedding. We’d absolutely recommend Carn to everyone getting married. If you like his style of pictures then we can’t recommend him highly enough


"I wish I had done everything on earth with you."

- Jay, The Great Gatsby