Paris, France | Through the lens

When I have free time in a city I like to explore. I want to feel like a local. I usually head out first thing on a morning and try to capture a side to the city not many people usually see but at the same time, I try to capture the mood and feeling of the locations I’m in. In this new series, I’ll be creating short blog posts that will be littered with the types of pictures that usually never see the light of day. I sometimes just shoot images just to see how they look on film and never show them to anyone. I’ve always considered them to be nothing images but it seems like you all love to see them after so much positive feedback on Instagram stories. I guess you get to see what I see. Even if it is unusual beauty in the mundane, very ordinary day-to-day things.

Paris, France


Words & Photographs

by Carn Patrick Photography.

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