Grace & Mark’s Pre Wedding Shoot

When I woke up, the first thing on my mind was Grace & Mark. Now I realise what I just wrote sounds weird… It’s not that I am infatuated with them or anything. Although they aren’t bad to look at! I was thinking about them because they had travelled all the way up from London for their pre shoot and I didn’t want to let them down! The problem we were facing was the fact it was the absolute worst day of the year. The thunderstorms were relentless and the forecast was for more in the evening which meant a sunset shoot was off the cards. Mark and I were checking on the weather and we both spotted a short 40 minute window where the storms eased off. So I packed the umbrellas in to my car and we went for it! Turns out we never needed them and the storm clouds actually gave us some nice light to work with!

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