Middleton Lodge Wedding Photography

- Grace & Mark

Fig House Wedding Photography, Middleton Lodge Estate

Mark tells me how he proposed to Grace…

“I surprised Grace by flying her out to Italy. Even when we boarded the flight she did not know where we were going. I took her to place called Riva del Garda which is where we both use to live at the northern tip of Lake Garda. When we got to the hotel I told Grace it was a late birthday present. We had a great night out where we went for drinks at our favourite cocktail bar called pub all’Oca. It was so much fun as we were drinking in our old local we knew from 6 years ago! On Saturday morning. I told Grace we were going for a walk, which she thought was around a part of the lake. Little did she know that I was hiking her up a mountain to a monument called the Santa Barbara.

The Middleton Lodge Estate Wedding Photography

The plan was all coming together. As we got to the top we were met by a group of locals having a picnic. I waited 20 mins and they didn’t budge. So I had to come up with with a plan b. I took Grace for a little walk down this path which had a sheer drop and spotted this little opening, it was perfect and the view was awesome. I thought about doing it and then changed my mind. Time for Plan C! We went back to Santa Barbara and found another little path, this was the one! Pretending to take a photo, I dropped on one knee and said Grace Holton, will you marry me? She said maybe and the YES! We rang our family and close friends to tell them the news and then slowly made our way back down the mountain. Halfway down we stopped at the Bastion which has amazing views of Lake Garda and popped a bottle of Prosecco. The rest of the day was eating, drinking lots and celebrating. For dinner, we went to Leon d’Oro where our Italian friends came to celebrate with us! The next morning we surprised Grace’s best friend Liv who lives close by and had a pizza lunch. Amazing memories!

– Mark

Mark and Grace booked me for their Fig House wedding photography just 3 months before their wedding! It’s not often I’m available at short notice but sometimes the stars can align! If you’d like to check my availability or request a wedding brochure you can do so by clicking the links. To see what Grace and Mark, as well as other couples, said after receiving their wedding photographs you can do so here – Real Client Testimonials.

Fig House Wedding Photography

The Fig House wedding and Kitchen Gardens is a luxury wedding venue based on the Middleton Lodge Estate near Richmond, UK.

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