A Pre-Shoot with Emily & Luke at their Villa in Marbella

Marbella Pre-Shoot with Emily & Luke

I got to spend some time alone with Emily and Luke on the eve of their wedding at Bronzzzano Beach Club in Marbella, Spain. Being recently married myself I could still remember exactly the way I was feeling the day before my wedding. Excited, nervous, a little anxious perhaps. Anyway, I knew how they both would be feeling so I did everything I could to help calm their nerves while catching some gorgeous photos of them in their luxurious villa.



What made you choose your wedding venue?

“We couldn’t decide where to get married at all. We had already planned an amazing villa holiday with all our friends and family in Marbella, Spain so we decided to do it there.”


What are the most important things to you about your wedding day?

“Just to have the best day with our closest family and friends.”



How did the proposal happen? Can you tell me more about the story behind you two meeting and falling in love?

“We met when we were in school, 14 and 15. We started going out together until we were 18 and then decided to leave each other alone for a bit haha. We got back together 4 years later and here we are now. Luke proposed in Rome in December 2017. After letting me walk up and down the Spanish steps at least 4 times to find the perfect spot he finally proposed.”

marbella pre-shoot bronzzzano beach club


What do you both do for a living and how do you spend your time together?

“Luke is a process operator on a chemical plant, a bit like Homer Simpson. I work in a bank, not very exciting. We don’t spend a lot of time together due to working shifts so we always like to do something together with our son Hugo or just have a lazy day on the couch.”


marbella pre-shoot bronzzzano beach club


Do you have a honeymoon planned?

“We haven’t booked anything yet but we are looking to go to Dubai later on in the year for 5 days as we don’t want to leave Hugo for too long.”



What helped you the most to choose me to be your photographer?

“Your photos are absolutely amazing! And after seeing you photograph Jess and David’s wedding, I just knew I wanted you to photograph ours.”

Photographs by Carn Patrick Photography.

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