photographer hartlepool

wedding photography hartlepool

My approach to wedding photography

If I had three words to describe my photography style, I’d say it’s natural, classic and 100% Authentic.

The connection between us and the ones we love is truly special and that’s what I love capturing with my camera.

And I know it can feel awkward being the center of attention! That’s why making you all feel as comfortable as possible is my priority.

You don’t need to be able to pose like a model. Just think of me as a friend. Before long you’ll forget the camera is there and when we’re done you will be rewarded with tons of beautiful photographs that show off the real you.

It’s easier than you think!

photographer hartlepool

wedding photography hartlepool

Why I Travel & My Ambition

My biggest inspiration in life is travel. Me and Becks have been lucky enough to travel all over the world – we’re happiest with sand between our toes.

Visiting new places keeps my mind fresh and creativity high. That feeling of freedom is irresistible. I’m ticking things off my bucket list one country at a time.

And I love photography! It has provided me with a fantastic career. It’s also pushed me to learn more about myself as a person but most of all, it taught me that dreams can come true if you’re honest and give your best to others.

My biggest dream? To combine my love of photography and travel and photograph weddings all over the world. If you’re planning a wedding abroad we should talk!

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